Patient Satisfaction Survey

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Firstly, we would like to thank those of you who participated in satisfaction survey sent out in March this year. Almost 500 out of 2000 patients who had appointments in weeks leading to the survey responded which is a great testament to your involvement.

The end of March marked 6 months since Firdale Medical Centre introduced Patient Triage System and we wanted your opinion how new arrangements worked for you.

By introducing Patient Triage System Contact us about your request ( our aim was to improve access to our services, your experience in making appointments or obtaining clinical advice as well as contacting the practice.

We would like to share results of our recent survey comparing to the NHS Patients survey results (where the same questions were asked) from beginning of 2023 as they clearly show how successful the improvements have been made.

We asked you the following questions:

We are extremely proud of this improvement and although there is much more to do 25% increase in positive responses is very significant and showing how Patient Triage improved access to our services.


This is probably the one we are most proud of and although there is still more to do, we will take 31% improvement as a good sign.

Although this question was not asked in GP Patient Survey run by NHS, we are very happy that 96% patients felt they did not have to wait long for their appointment. This is really important to us.

Although we knew that once our patients have been consulted by our clinicians, they generally felt their needs were made it is still satisfying to see improvement in this area.


This question again was not asked by NHS Patient Survey although we felt it was important to know how our new website works for our patients. There is still room for improvement, and we are working on it. The difficulty is that the website contains a lot of information and it is very difficult to judge what should be on the home page and what can be hidden deeper.

We are extremely happy about your feedback, but we also realise there is much we can improve and will work hard to do so in the next months.

Although we have certainly improved access to our clinical services, we all need to remember that our practice can only offer finite number of appointments to do so safely and effectively for our patients.

Thus, please remember that GP Surgery does not always need to be a first point of contact for your clinical enquiries. The services such as Pharmacy First – getting the most from your pharmacist ( or Community Urgent Eyecare Service (CUES) ( can certainly deliver professional assistance and often on the same day without the need for contacting your GP Surgery in the first place.

Thank you again for your kind feedback and for allow us to look after you. Thank you for your support.

Firdale Medical Centre Team