Alternative Solutions

Alternative Solutions



Alternative Solutions is a “hands on” support service for people aged 18+, who are struggling with their health as a consequence of non-medical issues, such as :

  • Lifestyle issues – exercise, diet, sleep
  • Managing your health condition effectively
  • Social factors – isolation, relationships
  • Confidence, positivity and hope
  • Personal finance difficulties
  • Work, volunteering and training

Through the service you will be assigned an individual case manager who will provide tailored support dependent on your needs, working with you to improve your health and wellbeing.

The service provides a range of support such as managing symptoms, housing support, benefit advice, LGBT advice, debt management and for those who are struggling to find or stay in work, the service offers employment advice and guidance.

If you would like to be supported by the service you can get in touch by:

Phone: 01270 617685



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