Prescription Information

Repeat Prescriptions

If you take regular medication for well controlled conditions and have a monthly repeat prescription, you can have your prescription issued without seeing your GP. The best way to order your prescription is via the NHS App, which we encourage everyone to download and use. Please see related article for more information:

Attached to your printed prescription is a list of your usual medication. When you need another supply of your medication this acts as your re-order form which can be handed in or posted.

Non-urgent advice:

Please allow 72 hours to collect your prescriptions and longer if your pharmacy is collecting prescriptions for you. Please provide a stamped and addressed envelope if you would like us to return prescriptions to you by post.

Ordering Your Repeat Prescription

Ways to order

  • NHS App
  • Handing in or posting your prescription, listing the regular medication you take
  • Handing in or posting our prescription request form you can obtain from the practice
  • Handing in or posting a letter requesting the medication (please ensure you include your name, date of birth and address as these are essential to confirm the identity of the patient the medicine is requested for)
  • Asking your nominated pharmacy to place the order for you.
  • Using Patient Access – GP appointments & prescriptions online (if you require support in setting up Patient Access please speak to one of our team)

Prescription Queries

If you have a query about your prescription, the most appropriate way to contact us would be through our online triage form. Select ‘Admin query’ and then select ‘Repeat prescription’ option. 

Non-urgent advice: Having Problems?

Non-urgent advice:

We are sorry but requests for prescriptions cannot be taken over the phone. This is due to possible errors and having no evidence trail of the request. If you have any queries please complete an admin request on our Patient Triage platform if you are unable to use internet or the online consultations please call the reception team and they will be able to support you submitting the request.

Please note we will require 3 days (72 hrs to process your request).

How Your Pharmacy Can Help

Pharmacists are experts in medicines who can help you with minor health concerns. Find out how your Pharmacy can help you.